Friday, December 3, 2010

Gift card wrapping, baum-kuchen way

In Japan we give small cash to kids (your own children, nieces/nephews, grandchildren...etc.) on New Years. It's a tradition called "Otoshi-dama". As kids, it was something my sister and I looked forward to every year. It was so special... when my uncle/aunt/grandparents/parents gave us little envelops decorated with characters. It was a small amount but it felt like we owned a whole bank.

We don't have the same custom here in the States but we have gift cards which was an odd concept for me for the longest time. Gift card always seemed little less personal and more for convenience.

So I wanted to come up with ways to do "gift card giving" in sweeter and more personal manner using some basic materials I had in my studio. Photo below is the end result. If you keep scrolling down, you will see how I made card wrappinggift card wrapping

gift card wrapping What I used: craft paper, white Japanese washi paper, decorative masking tape, translucent paper
gift card wrapping 1. Wrap the gift card in translucent paper and tape it with the same tape you will be using for outside wrap.  This extra layer will make unwrapping process little more special. 
gift card wrapping 2. Cut craft paper accordingly. Fold long sides of the craft paper inward. This will give a clean edge to the final look. 

3. Place a decorative tape on one of the short-side edge over the previous edge fold (see above pic). Fold the edge with decorate tape outward (twice about 1/4” each fold). The edge treatment is complete. 

4. Now fold two short edges toward each other. Make sure that the edge with the #3 treatment (tape and the folds) will go over the other edge.  Keep the fold together using a small tape.
gift card wrapping 
5. Make a sash using a white washi paper and wrap #4. 
gift card wrapping 
6. In the back, use the same decorative tape to hold the sash together.
gift card wrapping
7. Personalize the gift card with stamp (with initial) or write recipients’ name with pen.



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