Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Homemade German food. Yum:)

My in-laws are both great chefs in the kitchen so I am completely spoiled with homemade German foods everyday here. Here are some pics from our fondue night and sausage night.

Fondue night with the whole family... I was told not to accidentally take other people's fondue stick from the pot. Fondue always reminds me of shabu shabu dinner... but Germans have figured out not to fight for the meat in the pot. You just have to defend one:)
beef fondoubeef fondoubeef fondou
I love these tiny cups for a small coffee after dinner. Left one is from my great grandmother-in-law and the right one with the swan is my mother-in-laws favorite find from flea market. We want to look for ones for our kitchen once we're back home. Maybe a trip to an antique flea market!
beef fondou

Our sausage night
4 different sausage and of course... beer with my favorite potato salad all cooked by my father-in-law. 
German sausage for dinnerGerman sausage for dinnerGerman sausage for dinnerGerman sausage for dinner

Did I say... spoiled? More pics of foods to come soon.


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