Sunday, April 17, 2011

birthday party {IN STRIPE}

We had a lot of fun celebrating my sister Yuko's 30th birthday yesterday! It is one of the BIG milestone so we tried to make it extra special.

These days I am really digging the idea of "gift-able decoration" in order to stay eco-friendly while celebrating the occasion with style.

Colorful stripe mismatching socks instead of balloons (my sister loves socks... so it worked well with the theme:), HAPPY BIRTHDAY letters printed on postcards so we can send notes to friends/family afterward.

One of the bigger projects I had been working on was the {30 years of Yuko} - collecting and displaying one photo from each year of her life. It took a while to collect all 30 photos... searching them in multiple locations... but it was totally worth the effort. I really enjoyed going backward in time as a part of the process since it reminded me how awesome it was to grow up with her when we were young.

I wanted the photos to shine so I used white Photo Frame Card to  frame each photo and printed a number of the year on the other side of the card. It was a simple solution but worked really well... and seeing all 30 photos - each with a unique story to go with - was a big hit! Afterward Yuko told me that this was a gift that could only come from me... which made me feel very giggly.

Roo is very active these days so it was difficult for her to sit in one place for prolonged time... but she very much enjoyed the companies of families. (She ate bread for the first time and that seemed to keep her occupied for 15 minutes/piece...)

Happy birthday Yuko! 30 years of amazing life and more to come.

... because life does indeed start everyday:)
yuko birthday partyyuko birthday partyyuko birthday party 
yuko birthday partyyuko birthday partyyuko birthday partyyuko birthday party



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