Tuesday, April 5, 2011

going backward in time

To celebrate my sister's big 30th birthday (coming up in a few weeks), I am working on this photo collage project with 30 pictures - one from each year of her life! I have to say that gathering all these photos from scattered locations was a project itself.  Some recent photos were found in the digital format; many others were in old albums that are buried in the forever box... and of course baby pictures from my parents' albums...

Now I have all these photos, I am starting to figure out the logistics of how to put them together. I would like them to be a part of the environment when we have her birthday party then neatly put away as a book or some sort for her to take home afterward.

It's a strange feeling to be able to hold 30 years of growth and memory in one hand...

At the same time, it is a nice process to make a tangible sense to such an abstract concept of time.

Maybe that is why we should do something with all these digital photos that are sitting in our laptops. It means something when we bring them to life.  
old photosold photos


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