Saturday, April 9, 2011

Traveler's Notebook is here!

I am so thrilled to introduce my favorite product from Japan.

Traveler's Notebook by Midori!

It is a refillable notebook with a leather cover, handmade in Thailand.

Even when we carry our iPhone, iPad, laptop and all the other high-tech digital devices to everywhere we go, the act of capturing our thoughts and imagination with a pen/paper as our ideas flow out of our mind never gets old. Actually the hyper-digital world makes it even more relevant to practice our analogue art.

Just as its name suggests, Traveler's Notebook was created to inspire travelers all around the world... I love to believe that we are all travelers. Travelers of life.

Take this notebook with you to a cafe at your travel destination and jot down your thoughts. Capture your daily inspiration while you enjoy your great journey at home. The vegetable tanned leather cover gets softer and more beautiful as it ages. (See the last photo to compare a brand new Traveler's Notebook on the left with the one that has been worn in for over two years.)

It will make a great companion for your life!

You can read more about the Traveler's Notebook on our website or browse the shop to see the whole collection including its refillable notebooks and accessories.


Purchase Information:
Price: $56.58 (leather cover)
Availability: shop
Traveler's NotebookTraveler's Notebook

Traveler's Notebook Traveler's NotebookTraveler's NotebookTraveler's NotebookTraveler's NotebookTraveler's NotebookTraveler's NotebookTraveler's Notebook
Traveler's Notebook


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