Monday, April 4, 2011

RESTOCKED {everything happens for a reason}

I love being in the shop. Well... my shop physically operates from our living room but I love being in the shop emotionally (if you know what I mean).

Tonight was one of those nights.

I had great time at school in the morning... seeing so many great projects coming out of this semester and spent my afternoon with roo. After she went to bed around 6:30pm, I buried myself into these beautiful bags which were just screen printed by our friends Jane & Dale of TWELVEZEROSEVEN.

Crisp black graphics on brand new white canvas with our very special mantra... I can be addicted to these bags. Really. 

With these new bags in our shop, the Message Bag collection is fully stocked!


p.s. If you are new to this blog and haven't seen the video we put together to share our love for the Message Bag, please check here!
the Message Bag restocked!the Message Bag restocked!the Message Bag restocked!the Message Bag restocked!


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