Saturday, April 30, 2011

white wall + art work

framed Message Bag

We have been living in this new (old) house for little more than a year. Having a baby and being pretty conservative with our budget (after all we're German/Japanese couple...), home improvement has been a process of slow and steady.

Yesterday we hang few frames around the house... and voila! They make a pretty big difference. We love our white wall... as much as we love a very curated artworks on the wall:)  Being around the art/design school comes with a great incentive for finding raw talents! We love the new addition in little roo's room (by Jessie) and we are excited to be in the process of purchasing a few more art works from our very talented students.

Here is a snapshot of what went up on the wall yesterday. Framed Message Bag phrase designed by Jane and Dale of TWELVEZEROSEVEN!


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