Thursday, April 14, 2011

In a year from today...

looking out...

365 day ago I wrote this post about dreams and goals which I wanted to accomplish during the following year. It was my way of making tangible goals (not those fluffy new year resolutions) come to life by stating them out loud!

It all started with this quote from Zen Habit.
"Stay agile and enjoy the benefits of living in a world that’s full of diverse possibilities by remaining curious and open to noticing the changes in the opportunities around you and your emotional responses to them."

In Japan we start a new school year in April... so keeping this yearly ritual feels very appropriate.

So what did I list last year and how did I do it?
  • Open THE online boutique store in full swing. The store will reflect our style of life and our love for simple, beautiful, emotionally durable and most importantly useful artifacts for life. - we have our little baum-kuchen shop now. fully running in my little online world:)
  • Consult on design/research related projects which jazz my heart - I have been very lucky to be so busy this past year... I guess having a baby really didn't slow me down on this part of my life... thanks to a very supportive husband FB.
  • Be a rock-star mom/wife who is there for the family - this one... i better ask my family for their annual review. 
... and what's ahead of me in next 365 days?
  • Take the baum-kuchen shop on the road! I am doing some research on local flea markets, farmer's markets... and other events that will allow us to create a physical version of the baum-kuchen shop.  I already have tons of ideas about how this pop-up shop should look and feel like... but right now I have to wear a business person's hat to make sure that I do this smartly... by presenting us at the right place/time.
  • Find ways to bring my teaching experience from Art Center, trend research knowledge I have gained from working for various companies and design process I constantly apply to my design and everyday life all together... maybe an e-course for micro biz?
  • I think I want to continue being a rock-star mom/wife... I will try to implement the annual review from my family to continue improving in this area of my life! 
Okay! Now I said it and it's time to blaze the trail!

p.s. last year around this time... we moved from our shack in the canyon lounge to our new (old) house (which we love so much!), I was 8 month pregnant, and thinking about life (as always)



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