Tuesday, April 19, 2011

1st art for little roo

Jessie's artworkWe're so so excited to have this artwork displayed in little roo's room. It was custom-made by our friend Jessie... Little roo was born in the year of Tiger so Jessie used a tiger and our little roo as inspiration to create the piece. I love all the layered materials that are cut-out. It has a lot of depth and looks perfect in a shadow box.

These days... it's so hard to find an art work that is put together entirely in analogue format (instead of a printed digital illustration). I think it is such a precious piece. Looks great with decal stickers from IKEA, doesn't it? I love how it feels like the little tiger is floating with other animal friends with balloons in her hands.

Thank you so much Jessie!

p.s. Below is another pic of our little roo from last weekend. I can't get over how much facial expression she has these days. So grown up, isn't she?
roo with bread


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