Thursday, August 11, 2011

14 months...

Our little roo marked 14 months birthday today. She is a very confident young lady with a lot of passion for drawing, eating Japanese food (especially loves the ones cooked by her grandma Mimi), flipping books and chasing doggies!

She has grown out of an infant car seat so when we go out, she wears her shoes and walk out the door by herself holding our hands instead of being carried into the car. It seems like such a minor change but she is REALLY excited to go out now.

She now plays on slides all by herself. Up and down... up and down; though, she still likes us to say "go" when she is ready to slide down.

Her new word is "up!" and "boo boo" (pig sound in Japanese).

We have good moments and not so... moments but at the end of the day..., I love our day.


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