Sunday, August 7, 2011

We made it!

We had fantastic time at Silverlake Farmer's Market yesterday!

(to tell you the truth, I lost some sleep thinking about it the night before...  I guess i was excited and nervous all at the same time)

The market opened at 8am so my sister Yuko and I woke up extra early and headed out to set up the shop. I am pretty proud that two of us made it happen! Unloading boxes/tables/props, setting up the tent, laying all the items in the correct location... (FB stayed at home with roo in the morning and brought us the sunshine little later:)

We had a slow start (who shops for stationary and pots/pans at 8am, right??) but we picked up the pace around 10am. LOVED meeting my online customers in person (Thank you Mark & Gina!) and interacting with new customers who have never heard of us. Also a lot of our lovely friends came out to hang out and enjoy the sun with us. In a very European style...we've always talked about the idea of the shop becoming like a cafe where people gather and share the day... so it felt like we were on the right track:)

Yuko and I scored some yummy market breakfast/lunch and had a lot of fun sharing this experience togther. I really hope she is up for doing another one because I came home yesterday (completely exhausted) and all I could think of was how to improve the shop when we tackle the 2nd pop-up store!!

Stay tuned for what's next for our shop:)


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