Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today was a magical day for mama+roo. Since FB and I usually split our roo-care on most of our week days, it's rare for me to spend the entire day with her. I LOVE it!! Somehow it worked so much better than any of those 1/2 day. Isn't it strange?

There were very little "nyo" - aka "no" throughout the day and we just really enjoyed each other's company.

Speaking of which... Yes. Her new favorite word is "nyo".
It sounds seriously cute when she says it (especially when it's accompanied by her head shake) but I try so hard not to smile because we mean business when we ask her to do certain things. I suppose we're getting to the negotiation phase as two individuals with different minds. It's interesting because I grew up in a pretty strict Asian family which meant very one directional authority... and I am trying to do things little differently here with my little roo.

So I really loved the stories I heard from other moms who went through the same process... Here is a quick snapshot of what I have learned from them...
"well... the best thing I can do is to be her friend, right? to be there for her when she needs the friend and we'll see what happens."
"I was happy when he started to push the boundary because that meant he was trying to establish himself and his voice."

I know it's a balance between teaching little roo what's appropriate vs. letting her freely explore the world. I would love to grown to be the kind of parents who can help my little roo understand why certain things are off-limit so that she can choose what to do or not to do...

I know we're very very very far from the hardest part of the parenting... but it has been good to reflect on how I am responding to my growing roo. I know the process of "growing up" starts early and it's good to practice on consistency.


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