Monday, August 22, 2011

travel... everyday

i love the idea of travel... seeing something i have never seen, heightening my curiosity,  being immersed in unfamiliar places...

it has been a while since we stepped out of our LA comfort zone... so naturally... i am starting to feel little restless here. dreaming about our next adventure.

when i was floating Rosebowl Flea Market few weekend ago hunting for new (old) props for our pop-up shop, I came across a guy who was selling all kinds of knack knocks including a box full of used postcards.  i loved how some of these postcards were written more than 100 years ago (!!) by special someone to other special someone... i think it's just so magical to find artifacts like these that have seen so many years of the world evolving and changing.

i didn't know what to do with them but i grabbed a few anyways.

they've been sitting on my desk for a while and i honestly didn't know what to do with them. but i found a perfect match when i was looking for cards to write for my friends who were celebrating their big milestone (aka: graduation from design school). i wanted to keep all the original content so i put a touch of glue to my small note so that my note would become a part of the original postcard.

i think it goes really well with the way i like to wrap goodies and it did feel like sending a postcard from my travel destination:)

i think i will have to look for more postcards at next flea market!


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