Saturday, August 27, 2011

more {BRASS} love by Midori

I am so thankful that Midori BRASS Number Clip has been receiving a great deal of love from everyone online.  So I decided to carry more items from the Midori BRASS Collection at our shop.

Here is a quick overview of all the new items!

BRASS Pen Case:
If you need a perfect spot to neatly organize your BRASS items, here is a perfect solution! I love how substantial this pen case feels on the desk or when I pick it up.  I also really appreciate the "un-package" experience Midori designer created. It feels so special to open the box... Definitely worth the anticipation:) The top and the bottom parts snap together in the middle to make sure all the goodies inside stays contained!

Price: $68
Availability: baum-kuchen shop

BRASS Index Clip:
This is another very clever organization solution just like Brass Number Clip! These clips can be used in one of two ways. You can insert a clip half-way and use it as a "flag" on a page (1st and 2nd image) OR you can insert the clip all the way and use it as a label frame on a page (3rd and 4th image).  Also part of the packaging can be used as a blank index that will fit perfectly in the clip.  I love clever design like this.

Price: $20 (set of 6)
Availability: baum-kuchen shop

BRASS Label Plate:
I love organizing my collection of old sketchbooks, albums and other keepsake goodies neatly. Little detail like a well-designed label makes it so much more special when I pick up these items from a bookshelf to reflect and look back... so I knew this will be a perfect match!

Price: $20 (set of 6)
Availability: baum-kuchen shop

BRASS Pencil:
I grew up using pencil holders with old/used-up/left over tiny pencils. So this BRASS Pencil brings so many childhood memories to me...

Just like the BRASS Ballpoint Pen, the bottom part (pencil) can be disassembled from the top part (pencil holder) to be a compact, ready-to-be-carried unit (so that you don't accidentally make a piece of art while carrying a pencil in your pocket/purse). It comes with one pencil but no worries! You can always order more refill pencils at our shop!

Price: $20
Availability: white or brass at baum-kuchen shop


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