Tuesday, August 30, 2011

beach time!

After working many days non-stop... we finally enjoyed a much needed day off at Crystal Cove State Park! This long stretch of beach is a hidden treature in Orange County. I used to do a long run here when I was on a college cross country team (ah... like 12 years ago...??) so I knew this place will be just perfect for a family beach+picnic!

I love introducing new environment to our little roo. Though this wasn't her first visit to the beach, it definitely was the first time she was REALLY REALLY excited about playing at the beach. Once she figured out that little waves are fun to dip her feet in, she was running towards the water giggling!!

Now we're wrapping up with some of the big projects for this summer, I am looking forward to slower days... possibly filled with many more beach days to come while summer lasts in Los Angeles!


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