Sunday, October 23, 2011

fine dining... with little one

Roo is a very dynamic girl who like being on her feet than sitting in her chair... so we haven't been really taking her out for outings that deal with sitting quietly in the restaurant.

Today we ventured out for a special occasion, my parents' 34th wedding anniversary! We were prepared with drawing kits, iPad, books, tea set, and everything imaginable that fit in my Message Bag (I use white "everything happens for a reason" bag:)

With so many family around her, roo was content for a very long time. She did not sit still (well... that's not a surprise) but was entertained by everything that was around her from cars driving by, boats, a dog on the street). I think we spent 3 hours at the restaurant and 1) nobody got hurt; 2) nothing broke; 3) we were all happy.

Afterward we took a little tour of Balboa island. I think we all felt somewhat adventurous and open to trying something different so we got on a little tiny ferris wheel... with roo and all!

all photos taken by my little sister who does photography "on the side" (though I think she should do something with her photography...).


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