Thursday, October 27, 2011

mama+roo: afternoon at Huntington Library

We are always on our lookout for a family friendly place to hang out and I think we now found a new local venue! Huntington Library, 15 minutes from our home and 207 acres full of colorful vignette.

I think it's little expensive to go for one afternoon for $20/person... but definitely worth a year pass for two ($120) especially because we can bring our friends with us!

Now roo is walking (and she really dislikes being on a stroller for most time), this garden is perfect. We can practice walking (more like hiking) for a couple hours at a time without feeling too cautions about traffic... and there are so many little details to discover! Yesterday we roamed around exploring tropical garden, rose garden and children's garden. She walked most of the time except few occasions when I needed to pick her up with a sling.

Part of the reason why I am experimenting with more walking, occasional pick up with a sling and less dependency on a stroller or a Baby Bjorn is our upcoming travel through Southeast Asia. She is definitely getting too heavy for Baby Bjorn which we have been using since she was 2 months old.  Also Baby Bjorn gets little bulky for traveling when she is not in it. I am not sure what would be the best combination of equipments to have while on the road..., but the idea of just having a fabric sling to mobilize 1.5 year old sounds pretty nice especially when we have suitcases for 3 months!

By the way, while we were at the garden, she learned how to say "happa" which means "a leaf" in Japanese as well as "truck", "cup", "shep (our dog)" and "more". She is closely watching our mouth when we explain her a new word... It is absolutely fascinating to watch her learn new words. wow...


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