Friday, October 14, 2011

roo ♥ omi + opi

We are really enjoying the company of opi (grandpa) and omi (grandma) from Germany. Roo gave doubtful eyes when we were driving them home from LAX airport but the moment we arrived at our door, she absolutely welcomed them with her greatest smile!

Roo has been video chatting with them few times a month so she must have connected few dots and realized that she already knows them well:) It's amazing to see how much connection and bonding it is happening between them... and yes... it has been nice to have extra hands around the house (and around roo)!!

I am also learning a lot from observing how my parents-in-law interact with our roo. Seeing them teach roo how to wait in a place, to play with her toys... I do think it's nice to have a village to raise a child so that she can be exposed to different ways of living, learning and exploring life.

I have many more photos but here are some snapshots from our long vacation-like breakfast:)

I hope you have a fantastic weekend... and stay tuned for more roo photos with her omi + opi!


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