Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the very first advertisement {VECU}

In the spirit of trying something new, I decided to be a part of lovely VECU magazine by having one-page ad... Vecu magazine features independent artists through an online magazine format so I thought it might be a good exposure to new audiences who are looking for fresh inspiration.

Deadline for the ad delivery was super short so I basically had to come up with a way to fill one page and execute it in one day!

As crazy as it felt..., it was a really good exercise. The idea was not to have much of the shop items on the page... but to communicate the spirit of baum-kuchen in a simple/clever way. Reviewing past issues from VECU, I noticed that there were a lot of colorful illustrations which often filled the entire page. So I thought it might be nice to do a simple visual that evoked an anticipation and excitement of traveling with lots of white space on the page!

So here it is! A photo collage with the theme of "taking creativity on a journey". Each travel companion item was photographed and processed via Lightroom individually then composed on one page using Photoshop.

Like all the "first time" we encounter through the shop adventure,  I was quite nervous about putting this ad out there. Even though it was done in a very short time frame with limited production resource, I still invested a lot of soul in it and... that can bring a lot of anxiety to be seen (or not to be seen).

The new VECU issue was launched yesterday and I was really happy (and relieved) to see the baum-kuchen page nicely laid out... next to an article, "How to build your own brand buzz". (how appropriate!) We did get quite bit of online traffic to our shop so I think the ad did work in a way I was hoping for... We'll see if it does have any long-term impact to how well the shop performs in a next month or so...

For now, I am super thankful for VECU magazine for a great opportunity to let me exercise the baum-kuchen branding/advertisement:)


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