Thursday, October 27, 2011

new {mt masking tapes} at baum-kuchen

In case you might not have noticed on our shop page... we have new colors/patterns for mt masking tapes!  I use these tapes for everything everyday... but I know they come especially handy during the holiday season. Wrapping gifts, using on the holiday card envelopes... or better yet, use these tapes to make a custom card!

I also really love using these tapes as a set! The color combination in each set is so unexpected. It really pushes me to experiment with colors/patterns.

Pink stripe set: okay... who wouldn't love the touch of gold and a punch of neon pink for the wintry season!

Peach set: This set reminds me of spring... maybe because of the fresh green with a peachy pink? New beginning? Fresh start?

Wamon set: If you are looking for a Japanese inspired modern design on your desktop, this will be perfect:) I love that these tapes have a combination of traditional and contemporary flair... I will be using these a lot for different type of New Year occasions! Maybe give our little roo her very first otoshidama in New Year?


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