Monday, April 2, 2012

04:02:12 [102:365] - "why" instead of "what"...

Since traveling with a little one in a busy Kyoto intersection has proven to be difficult, we are on the mission of finding a safe place for our little Roo to run around.

We love our train ride to Arashi-Yama and big riverside parks.

Sunny and slightly warmer morning has brought other tourists with spring outfits as well as (almost) opening cherry blossom. We enjoyed strolling along the river, throwing few rocks here and there and seeing a young couple taking their wedding portraits with a remote control. (how cute is that????)

I have to say... this three months long adventure has brought quite bit of insights to our life. Three of us had never spent this much time together and it requires constant communication between each other... including our little Roo. We try to stay considerate to each other and always stops for a moment to ask for "why" instead of objecting or negating each other's opinion.

Here is a small conversation we had this morning as we returned home from our morning excursion. 

W: "What should we do for next 7 days before your parents join us?"
FB: "We should be full-on Kyoto tourists".

me thinking... really??? being tourists doesn't sound that much fun with all the crowds and everything.

W: "Why?????"
FB: "So we can just hang out and enjoy each other's company".
W: "Ah... of course".

I can feel that small learning like this is adding a lot of good quality to our relationship.


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