Sunday, April 29, 2012

04:29:12 [123/365] - Meri Hari in life

While we were staying in Yakushima, my grandfather's friend reminded us of a great Japanese phrase.

Meri-Hari... which loosely translates as a "looseness and tension".

The context of the conversation was about the importance of working hard to be able to enjoy the time off (since we were traveling). Through our adventure, we came to realize that the best time we had on the road was when we had "Meri-Hari" in our routine... when it wasn't all about sightseeing and having fun... but producing and being creative while taking all the inspiration in.

Now we are back home... and are slowly adjusting back to our regular routine in Los Angeles..., I am holding on to the concept really closely. I love what I do and I've always had a tendency to be a workaholic... I would forget eating or sleeping when I am in the zone... and literally pass out when I can't continue working longer. It's definitely not Meri-Hari... It's okay to have a day like this here and there but I know it's not healthy for my mind, body and my family to do this in the regular basis.

So I am paying very close attention... and are consciously turning off all my digital notifications when I am away from work... so that I can focus on being there for my family and friends and pour more than 120% when I am back at work.

Today Roo and I spent the morning with my family. Taking a long stroll through a beautiful park and letting Roo play with my sister on the slide while I laid on the shady grass... and just be. No emails, no tweets and no facebook. 

It felt so nice. To take a real time off in mind to create a mental space to think beyond daily upkeep of the shop. I was so ready to get back to my work when I came home in the evening:)

Tomorrow is my much anticipated all day work day! I can't wait to produce, produce and produce.  My to-do list includes the update of new items and preparation for the double pop-up shop during the weekend of May 12th! (We will be at Venice Meet on Saturday, May 12th and at Rose Bowl Flea Market on Sunday, May 13th!!).

Please stay tuned for many shop updates via our Facebook page tomorrow:)


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