Saturday, April 14, 2012

04:14:12 [113/365] - traveling with Roo...

Our best amenity at the current Kyoto accommodation is the small neighborhood park next door.
I can't tell you how much happier our little Roo is when she can run around freely in the park.... so being able to step out to the park even just 15 minutes before/after our city outing has been much needed tension breaker for all of us.

Roo and I had several of these mini outings today. When we first arrived to the park, she was nervous and wanted to stay close to me and only watched other kids from outside... then she quickly made friends... and was in the happy zone.

It's amazing to watch Roo evolve throughout the trip for last two and half months... I know it's a lot for her to take in... all the moves, new environments, people and languages but she has been doing so good and I am proud of her. We do have conflicts and occasional meltdowns here and there but we do our best to explain things to her, give options and get through the ups and downs together (sometimes we take turns dealing with things too).

When she is happy, everyone is happy.


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