Sunday, April 22, 2012

04:23:12 [118/365] - "what a perfect place. let's live here!"

I can't get enough of Los Angeles sunshine and bright light after 3 months of many cloudy/cold/rainy/windy days in Japan... It makes me feel like we're living in a cute little resort:)

FB told me the story from a German children's book... where a little mouse and an elephant leave their home to look for a better place to live. They go around a big lake and end up being at the same place where they started... only to find that everything is so overgrown that they don't recognize their home anymore. They say, "what a perfect place. let's live here!".

That is exactly how I feel about our home. I loved it before we left but I love it more now... that we are back...

p.s. thank you Jessie for such a cute homecoming banner!!


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