Sunday, April 22, 2012

04:23:12 [117/365] - wrapped with care

This afternoon I was super busy catching up with all the orders that came in during our travel. Because I pack all orders by myself... one shipment at a time, it is a very time consuming process. I sort of skipped dinner and anything Roo related tasks to focus on getting as many packages ready as possible (thank you papa FB:).

I love this part of the shop process because it is the most tactile and human part of operating an online store. It feels so real to get these items ready for shipment... and I love stopping my hand time to time to admire some of the items.

Thank you my sweet, awesome and thoughtful customers who have placed orders from our shop while we were away. Nowadays it's rare to wait for something for so long when you order items online... and I am so thankful for your patience. I will make sure that each one of the package is packed as beautifully as possible with the best care I can put in.

Tomorrow I will be picking up new inventory from one of my vendors then continue preparing pre-orders. Please stay tuned!!!


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