Tuesday, April 3, 2012

04:03:12 [103:365] - shopping in Kyoto!

Today was a crazy rainy/windy day all through Japan... including Kyoto. We anticipated that if we headed out to shopping early in the morning, we would beat the crowd and rain. So we bravely went out to the main shopping area in Kyoto!

We were going to only hit one store (Loft Kyoto) just to see what's new in Japanese market but were able to also see a really cool shop Angers in Kawaramachi on our way. There... I was able to find some of the products I was considering for our shop. Seeing them in person, some of them were definite "YES".  So tonight... I have been on the mission of getting in touch with some Japanese makers that stood out in the store.

So hopefully I will have some good new(s) to share with you!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a sunny/warm day with little bit of wind and we are planning to take our little Roo to a cool train ride!



p.s. photos of little Roo at mega shopping store. Kid's size basket was our life saver!


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