Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Treasure hunting at Kurio tidal pool!

It must run in the family...
Satchi and Frido both love treasure hunting on the beach. (and I love watching them on the sand... next to Coco).

A tidal pool at Kurio was a perfect family spot for us. Practically empty (it was just us for the whole time)... The ground was covered with corals and the sound of footsteps made us feel like we were walking on the broken glasses... We happened to arrive at low-tide and was able to peek into all the little pools. Some had little creatures like fishes, crabs and snails...  Then we reached a large tidal pool with a very shallow water. I had Coco sit next to me on the sandy area of the beach but she crawled straight to the water and started splashing. First just hands... and before long, her whole bottom half was in the water... and 10 feet away! Seriously... this girl is fearless.

After spending the morning at the tidal pool, we ventured out to Matsutake - a Japanese handmade noodle at Kurio village. We loved a traditional Japanese home turned into a restaurant arrangement. Feels very intimate but open. I am curious to see how much of these experiences will stay in Satchi (and Coco)'s memory... because it's pretty out of ordinary from our life in Los Angeles!


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