Friday, March 9, 2012

03:10:12 [82/365] - potential

Yesterday we spent a day with Kei-san and Yuko-san who were so sweet to take three of us to an "island style" shop tour around Yakushima. Kei-san is a jewelry designer and Yuko-san is a painter.... and how we we met them was as magical as the way we ended up coming to Yakushima instead of Bali in early February. In Japanese we have a word "縁"... It means a karma like connection. Our meeting with them was very much like that.

Our last stop of the day after visiting three very special shops / studios (more details to come soon:) was their gallery that is to be opened at the end of April. They are renovating an old storage shack inside and out (all by themselves). The property is right next to a small creek where people can watch fire fly in the summer... and the main house of this property will be a small French restaurant run by their chef friend, Iku-san.

I just know that it will be such a special place.

Going around the island and witnessing how creatively people are making their lives here makes me realize that one person's potential is infinite. It is -REALLY- not about how much space we have to create, how the studio is supposed to look like, nor how limited the resource might be. It is about creating, creating and more creating... It is all about our desire to produce and make something out of our life.

Thank you Yuko-san and Kei-san for spending time with us yesterday. We are so inspired by everything we have seen, talked and shared with you:)


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