Friday, May 13, 2011

11 month!

It's hard to believe this... but our little roo is only one month shy from celebrating her very first birthday! It's even harder to believe how fast she is growing. We discover something new about her every single day and it has been amazing...  FB and I are really enjoying this baby-toddler transition phase of our little girl.

Today she totally made me cry and laugh at the same time. Three of us were having lunch together and it was time for my little dessert. Our friend brought us very yummy cookie sandwich from PappaRich (European-inspired Korean bakery... yum:) last night so I was totally indulging in this sugar filled moments. Then I noticed our little roo who was sitting across me was shaking her head and saying "mmm....". I first didn't know what she was doing and thought she maybe did not like her baby cereals. Then again I had another bite on my cookies and realized that I was doing "mmm...." while shaking my head sideways because it was so tasty.

Yep. She was coping my yummy indulging gesture:) 

Seriously it was the cutest thing ever and it totally melted my heart. I laughed so hard with tears in my eyes.

Actually it is quite amazing how much she mirrors our little habitual gestures (especially around our dinner table). It means that I really need to be doing the "right thing" every moment when I am with her. Being a parent really is a big responsibility, isn't it?

Also this month has been about acknowledging where I stand in my health status.

Don't worry. I am not sick or anything... but just not the healthiest I could have been... especially considering how awesome I felt during my pregnancy. Last 11 months have been so busy and filled with new adventures that I hadn't had whole a lot of time to realize how little I had taken care of myself. A few weeks ago it sort of hit me that I was bothered by a series of minor health issues. I talked to my doctor and she basically told me that it's time to start taking care of myself. More sleep, regular exercise, more fruits and vegetables on my plates...

It's the basic stuff.

So I am slowly making some changes in my life.

When we celebrate her first birthday in a month or so, I want to be filled with happiness from inside... and I think taking care of myself as well as my little family is going to be the key to get there.

*** photo taken at local indoor playground. Roo totally thrives with these playground obstacles! I love the first picture where she is totally pumped up to catch mama and the last picture with her smile showing her two brand new teeth.

thanks for reading:)

11 month at indoor playground11 month at indoor playground11 month at indoor playground11 month at indoor playground


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