Saturday, May 28, 2011

Birthday party prep - heavy duty side!

Probably like a lot of parents, we are leveraging little roo's birthday party as a great excuse to upgrade our home. Only thing is... with our budget...we have to do everything with our own hands.

It must had been very popular to have a badminton court back in 50's?

When we bought this house, we inherited a full-size badminton court with an asphalt surface. Yep. A big patch of asphalt in the middle of our yard. FB hated it so he started hammering it away. Now we are two weeks away from little roo's birthday and all the asphalt has been loosened up, we needed to get rid of it! So here came the big dumpster on Thursday... and we have one week to move all the asphalt from the backyard into this big metal monster.

I helped out for a few hours this morning despite of FB's warning that it would be too much for me. Picking up pieces of asphalt, loading them up on a wheelbarrow, carrying it from the backyard to a sidewalk then dumping all the asphalt into the dumpster...times 20 or so.

Oh... it's a lot of work. I got blister on my little finger and my right shoulder is totally off...  but I am glad that I am taking a part of it. I know it will make me feel closer to our home and all the hard work FB has been putting on it... inside and out.

We will be an asphalt movers again omorrow morning. Maybe we will be celebrating our non-asphalt backyard by the end of tomorrow. I can't wait to see our {old} new yard with all the pink stripes in two weeks!

cleaning up the backyardcleaning up the backyardcleaning up the backyardcleaning up the backyard


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