Sunday, May 29, 2011

Girls' day out!

Yesterday little roo and I had a date.

Little coffee and a play time at a coffee shop then off to get some clothes for her birthday party.

We've been so fortunate that our friends and family have given us all the great clothes all through the year that FB and I had never needed to buy any clothes for her.

So it was really my first time looking at baby clothes (although... she is not so baby anymore:)
We first checked The Green Bean in Eagle Rock then walked two doors down to see if there are anything cute at Kumquat Baby outlet

It was tons of fun (though she was ready to get going when I was down to the last two clothes to choose from)! She tried a few dresses on and wanted to play with all the clothes labels... We got a really sweet two piece from Kumquat for her birthday party and a few everyday outfits at The Green Bean! I think we did pretty good:)

I hope you are enjoying your long weekend!

fun at a coffee shop with roofun at a coffee shop with roofun at a coffee shop with roo


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