Thursday, May 26, 2011

Introducing {Brass Number Clip}

This will be the last round of product updates from our shop!

Last but not least... Brass Number Clip from Midori.

On my sketchbook, I usually have a lot of "eventually I need to go back to" pages. In the past I have used mt masking tapes to flag those pages but these Number Clips are fantastic as an alternative option. I also use them as bookmarks for Bon Appetit Magazine since there are so many recipes on each issue that I would like to try out! (by the way current issue has Gwyneth Paltow. Super cute:)

These clips are made of solid brass and it looks more and more beautiful as it ages over time. So simple yet so clever...

I think there are million ways of using these clips! It will be great for an agenda book, a journal... or as simple bookmarks for books you're reading.

How will you use them?
MIDORI Brass number clipMIDORI Brass number clipMIDORI Brass number clipMIDORI Brass number clip


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