Wednesday, May 25, 2011

mystery of time...


Time to time... I ponder about the idea of getting older. I was really in the zone of "feeling" it about a month or so ago.

Time does a tricky thing to our mind, doesn't it? When my mom was in her early 30's, it felt like she was so much older... in a very abstract way... now I am at the age, I feel like I am still 10 years old but in the shell of 32. Yeah... sure... I am little more mature and (hopefully) have found some insights about life and everything around me... but still... I often get a sense that nothing has changed in me that makes me 32 compared to 10.

Then I realize that I have a pretty big responsibility of being a mother, a wife... and all the other roles I take in this world just like many 32 years old do... and I feel little saddened by this gap in my mental map.

How time passes is always going to be a big mystery to me... perhaps it's not so important to solve the mystery as an observer... but more so I should always spearhead my own life and embrace adventures with my heart first and the head second.

After all maybe it is a good thing to feel like a 10 years old... giggly and smiley. That's what I am good at anyways:)


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