Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Introducing {Midori Label Stickers}

Good stationary is like a beautiful blank canvas that inspires us to be creative and imaginative. I think Midori's Label Stickers is one of those awesome stationary.

They look adorable when they are neatly stacked on the desktop... They can be used on envelopes, jars, notebooks or anywhere else you could imagine. They are perfect for "making everyday objects just little nicer".  Also each sheet is a business card size so they will fit nicely in the wallet or in the Traveler's Notebook's zipper case.

I am really looking forward to working with them on some of my creative projects and I am excited to share them with you at my shop

How will you be using these stickers??

Label Sticker (Kraft)
I am in love with their vintage look and feel. In this photo I am using it as a label for my "Jar of 2011" to collect memory from this year.
Midork label sticker (kraft)

Label Sticker (Grid) 
This grid sticker is great for my handwriting which tends to tilt 2 degrees off from being straight... I think it will be cute to send a mini love letter with this sticker placed on found materials... I am also thinking of using them to write comments on my sketchbook. I have a feeling that it will be a nice compliment for the Traveler's Notebook!
Midori label sticker (grid)Midori label sticker (grid)Midori label sticker (grid)

Label Sticker (Cream) 
I love the graphic details of this sticker. I think it will be great to use them in order to create a title page on sketchbooks...
Midori label sticker (cream)Midori label sticker (cream)

Double-sided tapes
They are pre-cut double sided tapes for photos, cards, collage, etc. etc... 
Midori double-sided stickerMidori double-sided sticker


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