Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pink stripe has stolen my heart...

So I am working away on little roo's birthday party! Today I headed out to downtown LA to get some fabrics for DIY garlands.

As I walked into Michael Levine, a mega fabric store, I was so awed by all these possibilities... just simply inspired. I looked around a little and came across this super cute pink stripe fabric... and that was it. I was totally in love. Head over toes. Before I went into the store I wasn't really thinking of pink/s to be the color for the party so I made a frantic phone call to FB for quick permission (not like he would say no... but just in case) then called my partner in crime in Detroit just to make sure I wasn't going crazy by picking them.

I also found this awesome section - 1 pound of any fabric for $2.50! Total steal!

So I went nose dive into all these box full of fabrics looking for right shades of pink and salmon colors to go with the stripe fabric.

When I got home, I jumped on my sewing machine to make garlands with all these happy fabrics I just purchased and started hanging freshly made decoration all over the house. Our living room has temporarily become a party lala land!

LOVE it:)

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