Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fresh from Paris!

FB just came back from his business trip and I am loving my little treats from Paris! Fresh via air:)
A box full of Macaron. 

Have you been to Joanna's blog recently? I am so inspired by her "my balance" series...  stories of other cool mama bloggers/designers and how they are balancing their life/motherhood/career.

I have been looking for "the balance" for a while. After reading through the series last night, I wrote down a note to myself... "imagine how I want my day to look and feel like..." It's not necessary to control my day since that is probably not going to work. But just imagine and dream...

This morning I felt like a brand new self. (I know... I am pretty simple that way...) I spent 1/2 hour in a lap pool swimming away, spent a lovely time with little roo at our secret garden, had focused work hours, ate Macaron with a cup of tea and even had some time to clean the bathroom.

Everyday is different so I'm not sure how it's going to be tomorrow... but I will keep imagining how I want my day to look like... just in case the day might turn out just the way I dream:)


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