Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Traveler's Notebook / Passport Size

If you have visited our little shop recently, you might have noticed that we are now carrying Traveler's Notebook in Passport Size! They are the mini brother/sister of regular size Traveler's Notebook and are absolutely perfect for keeping a sketchbook/passport/travel itinerary together and organized while on the road.

Purchase Information:
Traveler's Notebook Passport Size
Price: $52 (refill notebooks/accessories $5-$12)
Availability: baum-kuchen shop

Here is a quick overview of brown and black leather cover and a few Passport Size accessories/refills.

The leather cover is packaged inside of a linen clothe which can be used as a protective case once they are unwrapped.  

Take a look at a brown Traveler's Notebook that is brand new in Passport Size (left) and worn in (about 2 years old) Regular Size next to each other.

Black (top) and brown (bottom) comparison in details.

Passport Size zipper case is a very useful accessory to keep everything small organized. I love how it perfectly fits a Polaroid picture.  It features one large zipper pocket in the front and a large sleeve and two business card size sleeves in the back (see the third photo).


Here are Limited Edition Traveler's Passport in navy and red inspired by a real travel passport. There are enough blank pages for sketching/idea capturing... but also a special page for your personal travel information, a map of Japan & the world and a sheet of rub-on letters.

Using these rub-on letters, you can create your personal information page that looks just like your real passport accompanied with a photo of yours. Once all the lettering and the photo is placed on the correct location, you can seal them by using a self-adhesive protective sheet that comes with the refill.

Happy traveling everyone:) 


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