Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer dessert

I made these cupcake size peach cobblers yesterday as our picnic companion... and they were absolutely delicious! (this is a sign that I have been away from Japan for too long... I am never EVER supposed to rave my own cooking in public like this... as a true Japanese girl... but why not:) They were in the oven for little more than they needed to be and toppings got all caramelized and crunchy - a total happy accident!

Isn't baking amazing? I love it as a meditative activity which happily yields yummy goodies. Win-win situation for everyone involved.  Next time I am making a batch in this sweet pan from 4th-market!

Happy Sunday and I hope everyone has an awesome week coming up! Mine will be filled with more fabric cutting, invitation making, business card designing... and of course a week full of toddling little roo:)



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