Wednesday, July 13, 2011

life will never be the same (and it doesn't have to).

In this photo FB is putting a little hair pin on roo's hair. I love the photo because it captures the amount of trust she has to her papa (especially because she never sits still for anything) and how sweet FB is to her little girl.

When we were about to have our little roo a year ago, we heard this phrase over and over... "oh... enjoy your life right now because it will never EVER be the same again once she is here". We appreciated everyone sharing their insights on a baby matter but we really weren't crazy about this one.

Now we look back... we still don't think we would ever tell this to any of our friends who are having their first little one...  It's true that our life is nothing like how it used to be... but why do we want it to be the same when moment like this can make life so much sweeter?


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