Thursday, July 7, 2011

how's summer treating you?

I hope everyone had lovely 4th of July weekend. We had absolutely no plan this weekend but managed to fill the days up with some spontaneous activities around the house and the neighborhood plus many hours of work to get the shop ready for a few new collections... so it was a pretty packed weekend. 

But I did have some down time to just enjoy and chill... and I think that's what makes life simply more memorable.  (and that's probably the difference between today and 5 years ago... when I just worked)

I've been little slow with blogging because every night I am so exhausted after chasing the little roo all day long... and have been wondering how other mom bloggers do this - sharing their days daily! But I am going to do my best trying to capture some moments from the day with the beautiful summer light.

... because summer is too good to miss out:)
WT_110704-002.jpgpasta with homemade tomato sauce!my cooking reference...


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