Saturday, July 23, 2011

picnic afternoon

I hope you are enjoying the nice summery weekend. I've been keeping myself quite busy for last two weeks. There are a lot going on in my life right now between teaching, styling, shop curating and parenting... but I am taking some time here and there to enjoy the summer shade with friends+roo:)

Today we were out picnicking at a nearby park. Picnic brings a whole new dimension when there is a little one in a mix who needs to be constantly moving! We love it as an alternative to eating out at a restaurant. Roo loved running around the picnic blanket, up and down the little hill and munching on the foods here and there... and I loved hanging out with my girlfriends and sharing some yummy foods:) I think we all felt like taking a big afternoon nap on the blanket afterward!

Happy Saturday:)


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