Saturday, July 30, 2011

a slower... and better process

Hello Saturday!
I woke up early this morning and was all cheery because it was 6am, the whole world (including my little world) was still sleeping and I could finally pour some time into being in this space... then I looked for my external hard drive where I've been keeping all my photos for past few months since I started my photography class... and I couldn't find it.

sigh... I left it in my photography class on last Thursday because I was totally falling in sleep in the class and was probably still asleep when I left there at 10pm.

not that I have any embarrassing photos on the drive and I vaguely remember backing up all my photos on my hard drive last weekend...

so it's not entirely the end of the world but I prefer keeping my photos to myself and I really hope that I can find it either still sitting in the class room or at Lost and Find on campus. 

I do think it's a pure sign of myself being overboard withe everything.

Sometimes I have to gently remind myself that my time no longer evolves around just me only. It is a delicately shared resource amongst my family and my businesses. I still get everything done but it takes little longer and I love the idea of embracing slower process...

For this weekend...,  I am planning to take little time off to spend with my family, check out my TWELVEZEROSEVEN friends at Unique LA event, give a toast to the fruit of {very} hard work (aka: setting up the Moroccan wedding reception) by being one of their guests AND gearing up towards a big debut of baum-kuchen pop-up shop on next Saturday!!! 

Stay tuned:)

p.s. I just found my external hard drive at a campus security. thank goodness...


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