Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello {BRASS collection}

The BRASS Number Clip from Midori has been getting an amazing feedback at the shop so I decided to expand the BRASS collection!

So far I have added two lovely items - BRASS Ballpoint Pen and BRASS Ruler and they are both so beautiful to look at on a desk... and I am truly delighted when I have a moment to use them.  I am a huge believer that good tools can make us be and feel productive (and more importantly happy) when we're working! So I think they qualify for that.

I hope you like them as much as I do!

Purchase Information:
BRASS collection
Price: $17 - $68
Availability: baum-kuchen shop

BRASS Ballpoint Pen
This is a really clever product. Each pen comes as two parts - a top part (brass) as a handle and the bottom part (wood) as a refillable ink holder. Check out the the 3rd photo to see how they look like when they are disassembled. When you are not using the pen, you can insert the bottom part inside of the top part to save some space in your purse! I've used it for a week or so and everyone who sees this pen is gravitated to pick it up. I suppose that it is a good sign:)

p.s. the pen has a refillable black ink which flows like a fine point pen. 

This is such a simple yet sophisticated product... I sigh with admiration whenever I see it on my desk. I love that it has a really nice weight to it since it's made out of solid brass. Metric measurement is engraved onto brass surface. I also really appreciate the little detail like a raised edge on one side to prevent the ink from smearing. 


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