Friday, July 8, 2011

Welcome 4th-market!

Please join me to welcome a brand new collection at baum-kuchen shop!

4th-market is a Japanese company which produces these breath taking ceramic/wood cookware & ovenware! Oh... I can't tell you how happy I am to have these goodies in my shop. When I saw them on their website last year, I fell in love... head over heels. When I contacted the company a few months ago (thanks for helping with this Yuko:), they told me that they are not doing any business outside of Japan. So in order to get these items here in Southern California, I had to jump a few loops... with an amazing help from my friend Lisa and her husband.

After everything we went through as a team, I am so happy to announce that we're the VERY FIRST shop to be carrying the items from 4th-market outside of Japan!

So far I have hand selected six very special items from 4th-market. I specifically looked for items that had perfect marriage of functionality and aesthetics together.  They are beautiful to look at but also very very useful for many different occasions! They are all stove safe. The ones without any wooden parts are also oven safe... so they are absolutely perfect for kitchen-to-table presentation.

I hope you enjoy:)

Purchase Information:
Price: $42+
Availability: shop

Poile Pan
This pan inspires me to cook all kinds of different dishes. Oven baked egg and cheese for breakfast, individually served mac & cheese, berry crisp for dessert? Little handle on the side makes it perfect for cooking on the stove or transferring the pan from an oven to the table.
4th-market Poile pan4th-market Poile pan

Risotto in white/black
This is a very versatile pan. It's a great size to cook an appetizer for a few people or use it to cook and present a single serving main dish. Wouldn't you love to have this pan sitting in front of you... sizzling hot with yummy food inside and you get to open the lid to enjoy?
4th-market Risotto4th-market Risotto (black)4th-market Risotto (black)4th-market Risotto (white)4th-market Risotto (white)4th-market Risotto

Pera Cotta
This is an ultimate soup or slow cook pot!
I love love love the warmth of ceramic pot and wooden handles. Cooking hearty dish would be so perfect in this...
WT_110704-018.jpg4th-market Pera Cotta

Ricotta Milk Pot
There is something really nice and fuzzy about warming up a cup of milk in a pot, don't you think? Ricotta Milk Pot would be perfect for not only warming up the milk but also to cook other soupy dish!
I especially love the contrasting design between crisp edges on the sprout combined with soft textures of ceramic and wood.  I definitely think this is a must-have for our kitchen too!
4th-market Ricotta Milk Pot4th-market Ricotta Milk Pot

Food Box
We are becoming really efficient with our food consumption here! I guess that's what happens when a family grows... I love this Food Box 100 times more than plastic Tupperwares to store food in the fridge. Good thing is that this Food Box is so pretty and functional that you can use it to refrigerate, cook (or warm up the food in a microwave) and serve a dish all in one container. No need for transferring food into another dish. - aka less dish to wash!

It will also be super cute as a picnic companion or use it as a bento box to take homemade lunch to work/school!
4th-market Food Box4th-market Food box


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