Friday, May 11, 2012

05:11:12 [132/365] - Ready... set go!

Happy Friday:) I hope you have a nice weekend coming up! I will be showcasing Baum-Kuchen items at two markets this weekend. Saturday at The Venice Meet... then Sunday at the Rose Bowl Flea Market!

Our VW Golf is totally loaded to the max and my little sister is here to help me for the first time. Right now... we are enjoying the quietness before the total chaos which will probably last for 48 hours or so. I know I will be loading, unloading, carrying and more loading and unloading... a lot. But these market has totally become a part of our life now:)

We are especially excited to share some of our newest shop items in person... telling stories about our inspiration from Japan!

If you are in Los Angeles, I hope I will see you there!

Wish us luck:)



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