Thursday, May 17, 2012

05:16:12 [135/365] - obsessively keep reinventing...

When I woke up yesterday morning, something (or someone in the air) told me that I needed to rethink my online store... so now I am working every awake moment (when I am not with Roo) to construct the Baum-Kuchen shop 2.0!

When I get in this kind of creative zone, I become absolutely obsessed... until task is complete. (sorry FB... I might not able to sit with you on the couch to watch movie for a while...) I suppose that is simply how I get things done between being a mom and business owner.

Actually the thought of doing something about my online shop has been in my mind for a while. When I opened the shop almost two years ago (wow...!), I wasn't sure where the path would take us so I looked for the simplest and most affordable option. Big Cartel combined with some iWeb pages has been a fantastic way to get my feet wet in the e-commerce business. Now that we are little bigger and carry so many more products from different makers, the platform which is supported by Big Cartel has become quite limiting.

The Baum-Kuchen 2.0 will have much more robust front and back end support both for us and for our customers. I am working on the aesthetics that is as crisp, clean and minimalistic as the current shop is (which I get a lot of positive feedback from customers:). AND I should be able to launch the shop 2.0 with a few new collections from Japan!

So here I am... obsessed. 

I have this card on my desk... my sweet friend Susan sent it to me a while ago. (thank you Susan!!!) It's such a positive encouragement that I feel like I could do anything I want if I work hard. We have to continuously reinvent ourselves, right?


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