Friday, May 18, 2012

05:18:12 [136/365] - my white space...

Today... I did the "unthinkable".

I moved my work desk into the bedroom.

With the new online shop building, I have been needing to use a larger screen to connect from my 13" laptop. Where my desk was set up before was facing a big window and I just couldn't keep staring at my screen during the day.

Little while ago, we were talking the possibility of adding an extra room... or building a small shack out in the backyard... but it all seemed little far from the immediate reality so we are putting those ideas to rest. The truth is... that I don't think it is good idea to make any big decision when the smallest family member is growing so much... Often... how we do things in our daily routine changes overnight because little Roo discovers something new and we need to quickly adopt our process... So minor changes that have very little permanent commitment has been sort of our way to accommodate everyone.

Our bedroom has been by far the whitest and simplest room in our house and I LOVED about it. It always felt so fresh, airy and restful... so I always thought I would NEVER bring any work related stuff in this room... but all the sudden this morning... it felt like a brilliant idea.

And it turned out to be a pretty great one.

The added (and probably the best) benefit is that I can close my door when I am working and I am setting it up so that this little corner where I work is just as crispy white, serene and calm as rest of the room.

Please stay tuned... some great productivity will be happening from this spot:)


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