Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello, FOOD & WINE Magazine

I've been working with very sweet Food & Wine magazine editors and stylists throughout 2011... They were super interested in the 4th-market items from our Baum-Kuchen shop and many pots and pans went back and fourth between their New York photo shoot locations and our Los Angeles office... So I was absolutely thrilled when I was informed that the white Risotto Pan would be a part of their March issue!

I know it is already May...
Since we were traveling oversees, I was not able to get the magazine in my hand until now... but hey, it's better now than never, right?

So here it is!

I was really interested in how Food & Wine magazine would style the 4th-market Risotto Pan. I love the color of the food that pops on the white ceramic! I think it looks pretty yummy:)

There will be another feature on soon to be out Food & Wine cocktail issue for 2012. They told me that we could find the magazine any days now... so I will be stopping by the nearby bookstore like a bee around flowers until I find it on the shelf!

Thank you Jessie & Jane for getting the March issue for me. You girls are the best!!!


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