Friday, May 4, 2012

[KURUMA & DENSYA] Welcome to the shop!

As you might know, the shop launch of KURUMA and DENSYA has been in making since we met Togawa-san and Midori-san of FLOWERS while we were visiting Yakushima.

I love it when a product we pick for the shop inspires me so much to the point that I want to start creating... and that is exactly what happened with KURUMA and DENSYA. These wooden toys have so much personalities and character, I wanted to start playing with them!

While we were on the road, we took 8 mini clips starring Hanako and Taro (2 wooden figurines) and their special KURUMA ("car" in Japanese). They traveled through Yakushima then Kyoto... making stops at the most gorgeous mountain to the world famous temple.

Now we are back home in Los Angeles and the shop is open with full swing..., I am happy to share a limited number of KURUMA and DENSYA at our Baum-Kuchen shop!

Togawa-san made a series of KURUMA with four different types of wood harvested from Yakushima (camphor, mountain cherry, sandalwood and wheel tree) making each one of them even more unique.  Since they are all handmade and Togawa-san uses unique wood grains as a part of the distinct features on these cars, no two cars are the same!

My favorite feature of this wooden toy is the passengers' head that "bubbles" as car moves! Our little roo has her own KURUMA (Togawa-san gave her a special version with three passengers - papa, mama and a smaller figurine that is meant to be the baby Roo:) and she can spend hours taking papa and mama in/out of the car, letting baby Roo drive the car, and taking all three of us to an imaginary drive through the house.

With so many plastic options in the market, I am so happy to be able to share such unique toys that stand out as something kids can hold onto for a long time...

Who knows... maybe our little Roo will give her KURUMA to her kids and her grandchildren... It makes me feel totally fuzzy just thinking about it!

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And here is a photo collection for DENSYA!


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