Monday, May 14, 2012

05:14:12 [134/365] - Turning old into BEAUTIFUL

Yesterday while we had our pop-up shop at Rose Bowl Flea Market, I did a quick look around in the neighboring booth!  I mean... we are there all day from 6am - 3pm... we have to do "some" treasure hunting, right?

... and look what I found!

We have been looking for a perfect rug for our Roo's room which is leaning towards the desert safari look and feel. We like the adventurous feeling of the safari (Roo is more into risk taking jumps, running under water and riding a bicycle than playing with princess) and the dry climate in Los Angeles feels perfect for it!

We are not in the rush of completing her room but we are slowly adding few items here and there as we comes across. We like having some soft landing spot on the floor in her room instead of the hardwood floor so we have been using foam tiles but have been so ready to switch things up.

I had only 5 minutes or so to scope things in the market so I peeked into the nearby rug booth and there were some cool rugs amongst heavy duty oriental rugs...  I saw few that I liked but this one fit the most to what FB and I were imagining and was the cheapest! With some negotiation, we settled for $120 for this awesomely patterned 6x8 rug.

I have absolutely no idea/education about rugs but I knew it needed some cleaning and dusting off. So without even looking at the entire rug, I took it to the nearest oriental rug cleaning/repair shop. The moment the owner saw the rug, he told me that this rug is from Turkey and it is handwoven... called Kilim rug... and it would cost $1700 or so if I bought new. I suppose it could be true and I feel pretty good about the deal I made at the market:)

The whole cleaning/repairing of the rug is going to cost AWAY more than what I actually paid for the rug itself but we are excited to have a new {old} heirloom in our household. There are few furniture that is starting to become 'ours' like this vintage Japanese tansu. It's a good feeling that we don't have to purchase anything brand new to make it special.

because we can turn old into beautiful:)


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